✨ Shiny future: Where we want to get to

🚧 Under construction! Help needed! 🚧

We are still in the process of drafting the vision document. The stories you see on this page are examples meant to give a feeling for how a shiny future story looks; you can expect them to change. See the "How to vision" page for instructions and details.

What it this

The "shiny future" is here to tell you what we are trying to build over the next 2 to 3 years. That is, it presents our "best guess" as to what will look like a few years from now. When describing specific features, it also embeds links to design notes that describe the constraints and general plans around that feature.

🧐 You may also enjoy reading the blog post announcing the brainstorming effort.

Think big -- too big, if you have to

You'll notice that the ideas in this document are maximalist and ambitious. They stake out an opinionated position on how the ergonomics of Async I/O should feel. This position may not, in truth, be attainable, and for sure there will be changes along the way. Sometimes the realities of how computers actually work may prevent us from doing all that we'd like to. That's ok. This is a dream and a goal.

We fully expect that the designs and stories described in this document will change as we work towards realizing them. When there are areas of particular uncertainty, we use the Frequently Asked Questions and the design docs to call them out.

Where are the stories?

We haven't written these yet!