❓ How to vision

How you can help

⚠️ Winding downImprove the sample projects
⚠️ Winding downPropose new "status quo" stories or comment on existing PRs
⚠️ Winding downPropose new "shiny future" stories or comment on existing PRs
🛑 Coming soonVote for the awards on the status quo and shiny future stories!

The big picture

The process we are using to write the vision doc encourages active collaboration and "positive sum" thinking. We started with a brainstorming period, during which we collected as many "status quo" and "shiny future" stories as we can. We are currently wrapping up that phase. We will still accept new PRs if people produce them, but we are no longer soliciting new stories. We would like to offer a hearty thanks to the many people who participated in this effort!

We are now entering the "harmonizing period", and the working group is assembling the various stories and shiny futures into a coherent draft. This draft will be reviewed by the community and the Rust teams and adjusted based on feedback.

Submitting status quo and shiny future story PRs

Although the brainstorming period has ended, we are still open to new PRs, particularly if they cover space that has not been well covered:

Wait, did somebody say awards?

Yes! We are planning on giving awards in various categories for folks who write status quo and shiny future PRs. The precise categories are TBD. Check out the awards page for more details.

Living document

This meant to be a living document. We plan to revisit it regularly to track our progress and update it based on what we've learned in the meantime. Note that the shiny future stories in particular are going to involve a fair bit of uncertainty, so we expect them to change as we go.