⚡ Projects

What is this?

This section describes fictious projects that represent some of the target domains for async Rust. These projects are used in our status quo and shiny future stories to represent "where Rust is today" and "where we are going".

The projects

  • DistriData: High-performance "cloud service" that stores data on behalf of clients in a reliable and highly scalable fashion.
  • MonsterMesh: Networking in an "extreme embedded" environment like IoT sensors.
  • SLOW: A library that lives on crates.io and implements a (fictituous) networking protocol called "SLOW"; the library is meant to be used in most "normal" environments (i.e., not necessarily an extreme embedded environment like MonsterMesh).
  • YouBuy: An e-commerce website, similar to what one might build with Ruby on Rails.

Other domains and use cases

We found that the above projects sufficed to cover the points that we wanted to illustrate about the status quo and shiny future, but by no means do they cover the entirety of what folks are doing with Async Rust. The following is a list of some other example domains that we encountered, though it too is by no means meant to be exhaustive:

  • High-performance database implementation
  • Targeting phones and other "somewhat embedded" devices
  • Interoperating with C++
  • Processing large amounts of data in parallel