📅 The roadmap: what we're doing in 2021

This page describes the current plans for 2021. It is updated on a monthly basis.

🛑 Not time for this yet 🛑

We're not really ready to work on this section yet. We're still focused on writing out the status quo. What you see here are really just placeholders to give you the idea of what this section might look like.


🥬"Healthy" -- on track with the plan as described in the doc
✏️"Planning" -- Still figuring out the plan
🤒"Worried" -- things are looking a bit tricky, plans aren't working out
🏖️"On vacation" -- taking a break right now
⚰️We gave up on this idea =)

Roadmap items

PlanOwnerStatusLast updated
Async functions in traitsnikomatsakis🥬2021-02